Dr. Su MD

Sean Su MD is a local Las Vegas Physician who has lived in Nevada for over 20 years. He is a United States Citizen who immigrated with his parents from Vietnam to America when he was 5 years old. His father Ca Su was a Commander of the South Vietnamese Air Force Squadron. He has a BS from UC Irvine graduated Summa Cum Laude and earned his MD from Loma Linda Medical School in 1996. He completed his Residency in Internal Medicine and Family Practice in 2000 at UMC Hospital UNLV School of Medicine. He underwent additional fellowship training with the UMC Hospital OB/GYN Department and completed his Obstetrics Fellowship in 2004. He added Cosmetic Services to his medical practice and became a Clinical Advisor and Consultant to Anika Therapeutics (a dermal filler company). He has been a Speaker and Clinical Trainer for the National Laser Institute and MedSpa Training Institute. He trained physicians on Laser Lipotherme Lipolysis for the medical device company Osyris and he currently offers hands on training to all providers on many other aesthetic procedures.  He has been an Associate Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery since 2009 and he has been an Allergan (the worlds leading aesthetic company) Academy Member since 2008. Dr. Su offers the latest, safest and greatest advanced technologies in Aesthetic Medicine. 
He has dedicated his life to medicine to help heal others. His path in healthcare led him to provide aesthetic services to the Las Vegas community and the World. As a Cosmetic Physician practicing his craft for the last 15 years, he has developed his skills for Aesthetic Beauty. Dr.Su currently provides cosmetic services as the Medical Director of the Skin and Body Institute.  He has lectured and taught thousands of healthcare professionals ranging from Physicians and Dentists  of all specialties, PA’s, NP’s, RN’s, Dental Hygienists, Aestheticians, Laser Technicians and many other ancillary providers.