Dr. Brad Labrecque BSc. DMD

World Class Authority in Laser Technology

Dr. Brad Labrecque BSc. DMD

Dr. Labrecque is a practicing general dentist graduating from the the University of Saskatchewan in 1984. Previous to that he received his BSc [hon] in Biochemistry.

Upon graduation he set up his first dental practice and began to focus on the use of technology in the management of the practice as well as focusing on minimimal invasive clinical procedures. This resulted in him becoming a founding member of the World Minimally Invasive Congress. Dr. Labrecque was a part-time clinical instructor at the University of Saskatchewan from 1984-1989.

Dr. Labrecque continued have a passion for technology and was a very early adopter of computer management for the dental practice as well as the introduction of intraoral camera for treatment planning and patient education. From this point he understood to achieve a successful dental practice will require a change in direction. He began to incorporate a soft tissue laser in his clinical procedures in 1993. From this point his passion for the technology grew and was he integrated the hard tissue laser as soon as it was available in Canada.

He began lecturing on the benefits of laser technology in 1995 for Biolase technology and has over the years shown hundreds of dental personel the practical and clinical use of laser technology . He became a luminary with Biolase in 2001 and has been one of their main laser trainers with their technology since then.

Dr Labrecque has consistently maintained a high income practice being in the top 10% producers in Canada with average new patient flow of 50 patients / month for the last 20 years . He attributes this to the use of the dental laser technology providing his patients with a comfortable dental experience and the practice in providing clinical options to benefit practice financially. Dr Labrecque believes and has prove that...TECHNOLOGY IMPROVES THE SPEED AND ACCURACY IN THE DENTAL PRACTICE.

Dr Labrecque has spent many hours of study to understand the interaction of laser technology and how to continually incorporate this in his procedures. He has achieved his Mastership of Laser Dentistry from the WCLI in 2009. In 2013 he received his Mastership from the University of Aachen... on of the very few universities in the world offering such as program. His study and training makes him a world class authority in laser technology. In combination with his practical experience he has helped hundreds of dentists be successful implementation of lasers in their dental practice.

Dr. Labrecque has lectured internationally in New Zealand, Australia, USA and Canada. His lectures are well received and his passion is addicting to the audiences he presents to.